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    CMake configuration cleanup · 242bed2a
    Aleksy Barcz authored
    + disabled verbose builds
    + removed empty config files
    + added flags used by debuild builds anyway: we want these to fail during build, not during packaging
    + disabled tests that cannot be run during packaging
    + removed pyo and pyc files from szarp-utils
    + code fixes to work with package build
    + maintainer-clean script for cmake
    + removed dbg-symbols package: now we use dbgsym packages
    + bad merge fixes
    + commented-out unused packages
    + documentation build: using external scripts as CMake doesn't support embedding code in CMakeLists like Autotools do,  copied as-is from what autotools did
    + fixed filler installation paths to use predefined cmake paths
    + cleaned up installation of meaner4 files
    + gitignores