Commit 181521dc authored by Aleksy Barcz's avatar Aleksy Barcz

Merge branch 'rc' into devel

parents d7cb3cef 47f0eea4
......@@ -661,11 +661,17 @@ def get_item(ss):
def get_item_params(ss):
return re.findall('\"([^"]*)\"', ss)
def has_szarp_wx():
return os.path.isfile("/opt/szarp/bin/draw3")
def exec_item(i):
p = get_item_params(i)
if len(p) != 2:
printerr("ERROR: wrong number of EXEC parameters (%s) for '%s'" % (len(p), trunc(i)))
return False
# if there is no szarp-wx package, then most probably its a szarp terminal
if not has_szarp_wx():
return True
name = p[0]
comm = p[1].split(' ')[0] # doesn't handle whitespaces in path
if verbose: print nesting_lvl * '\t' + "Checking for %s ..." % comm,
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